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Top List of 2012

Posted in Top List on December 30, 2012 by m616

50. PALLBEARER – Sorrow and Extinction
Doom metal

49. MUTANT SUPREMACY – Rotting Season (7″ EP)
Death metal

48. BROKEN CUPS – Slaves of the Grave
Post punk, synth punk

47. BEAU NAVIRE – Lumens
Screamo, emotional

Synth pop, dark wave

45. JOHN ZORN – Templars: In Sacred Blood
Acid jazz, experimental

44. THE MEN – Open Your Heart
Punk, noise rock, post hardcore

43. SLEIGH BELLS – Reign of Terror
Noise pop

42. YAKUZA – Beyul
Avant-garde, experimental, jazzcore

41. POP. 1280 – The Horror
Noise rock, punk, industrial

40. I WANT YOU DEAD – ΑΩ (7″)
Punk, hardcore

Experimental, drone

38. TY SEGALL BAND – Slaughterhouse
Garage rock, noise rock

37. BEACH HOUSE – Bloom
Indie rock, dream pop

36. THE RAVEONETTES – Observator
Indie rock, post punk, noise pop

35. LITERATURE – Arab Spring
Pop, power pop

34. THE MARS VOLTA – Noctourniquet
Progressive rock, experimental

33. RESURGENCY – False Enlightenment
Death metal

32. SERPENTINE PATH – Serpentine Path
Doom metal, death metal

31. MGLA – With Hearts Towards None
Black metal

30. FIONA APPLE – The Idler Wheel Is Wiser Than the Driver of the Screw and Whipping Cords Will Serve You More Than Ropes Will Ever Do
Piano rock, experimental, avant-garde

29. EVOKEN – Atra Mors
Funeral doom, death metal

28. ROUTES – Land of Holy Dope
Stoner, psychedelic rock, space rock

27. WHITE LUNG – Sorry
Punk rock

26. WITCHRIST – The Grand Tormentor
Death metal, black metal

25. WILD NOTHING – Nocturne
Indie pop, dream pop

Indie rock, psychedelic pop, lo-fi

23. INCANTATION – Vanquish in Vengeance
Death metal

22. HEXVESSEL – No Holier Temple
Psychedelic rock, neo-folk

21. BURNING LOVE – Rotten Thing to Say
Punk rock, hardcore

20. THEE OH SEES – Putrifiers II
Psychedelic rock, garage rock, art punk

19. BEASTMILK – Use Your Deluge (EP)
Post punk

18. METZ – Metz
Noise rock, punk rock, grunge

17. NOCTURNAL VOMIT – Cursed Relics
Death metal

16. ADVERSARIAL/ANTEDILUVIAN – Initiated in Impiety as Mysteries (Split)
Death metal, black metal

15. SLUG GUTS – Playin’ in Time with the Deadbeat
Obscure post punk

14. KRALLICE – Years Past Matter
Black metal, experimental

13. CONVERGE – All We Love We Leave Behind
Hardcore, metal, mathcore

12. GRIMES – Visions
Electronic, experimental

11. GRIZZLY BEAR – Shields
Indie rock, art rock, psychedelic pop

10. AUSSITÔT MORT – Nagykanizsa
Post hardcore

09. THE HOWLING WIND – Of Babalon
Black metal

08. THE FLAMING LIPS AND HEADY FWENDS – The Flaming Lips and Heady Fwends
Psychedelic rock, experimental

07. DRAWN AND QUARTERED – Feeding Hell’s Furnace
Death metal

06. XIU XIU – Always
Experimental, art rock

05. CHAIRLIFT – Something
Indie pop, new wave, electro-pop

04. DEPHOSPHORUS – Night Sky Transform

03. ANHEDONIST – Netherwards
Death metal, doom metal

02. SWANS – The Seer
Experimental, post rock

01. TAME IMPALA – Lonerism
Psychedelic rock, psychedelic pop, space rock


Τσαππρρρ και ούστ’αποδώ… (Top 25)

Posted in Top List on December 20, 2012 by m616

Ας ξεκινήσουμε με μια διαφορετική λίστα αυτή τη φορά πριν την ανάρτηση της σούπερ-grand λίστας με τα καλύτερα της χρονιάς που μας αφήνει σιγά-σιγά. Παρακάτω, παρατίθεται η λίστα με τα 25 χειρότερα albums που άκουσα για το 2012. Αυτά των πρώτων θέσεων είναι σίγουρα για πολλά γέλια, κατά τη γνώμη μου πάντα, ενώ πολλά απ’ αυτά είναι δίσκοι από αγαπημένες μπάντες ή καλλιτέχνες που γενικά γουστάρω αλλά κατάφεραν να με απογοητεύσουν με τις πιο πρόσφατες δουλειές τους. Ένα συνονθύλευμα απόψεων δηλαδή που κάποιους θα τους δυσαρεστήσει. Είναι όμως και κάποια μούτρα που θα σκάσουν κάτι χαμόγελα…

25. GODSPEED YOU! BLACK EMPEROR – Allelujah! Don’t Bend! Ascend!
Post rock, instrumental rock, drone

24. NEUROSIS – Honor Found in Decay
Post metal, sludge metal

23. TORCHE – Harmonicraft
Sludge metal, stoner

22. SPIRITUALIZED – Sweet Heart Sweet Light
Indie rock, art rock, neo-pychedelia

21. LANA DEL RAY – Born to Die
Alternative hip hop, sadcore, indie pop, chamber pop

20. DOWN – The Purple (EP)
Sludge metal, southern

19. DOOMRIDERS/SWEET COBRA – Are We Not Men? (Split)
Stoner, hardcore punk, metal

18. HOLOGRAMS – Holograms
Post punk, hardcore, synth-based

17. ELBOW – Dead in the Boot (Compilation)
Alternative rock, indie rock

16. STORM CORROSION – Storm Corrosion
Experimental, psychedelic folk, progressive rock

15. MIRRORING – Foreign Body
Ambient, ethereal

14. FRANKIE ROSE – Interstellar
Synth-pop, synth-based

13. PARADISE LOST – Tragic Idol
Doom metal, gothic

12. SHADOWS ON STARS – Shadows on Stars
Indie pop, new wave, electronic

11. AU – Both Lights
Experimental, folk, progressive

10. CLOUD NOTHINGS – Attack on Memory
Alternative rock, emo, pop punk

09. ANDREW BIRD – Break It Yourself
Indie rock, baoque pop

08. WOODS – Bend Beyond
Indie rock, folk

07. FLYING LOTUS – Until the Quiet Comes
Electronic jazz, experimental

06. SIGH – In Somniphobia
Symphonic metal, heavy metal, avant-garde

05. THE SHINS – Port of Morrow
Indie rock, indie pop, alternative rock

Trip hop, chill

03. DIRTY PROJECTORS – Swing Lo Magellan
Indie rock, art pop, experimental

02. ARKHAMIN KIRJASTO – Torches Ablaze
Death metal, heavy metal

01. SABBATH ASSEMBLY – Ye are Gods
Folk, ritual

Top List of 2011

Posted in Top List on December 30, 2011 by m616

Ας παραθέσω κι εγώ δειλά δειλά την top-twenty λίστα μου με τα δισκάκια της χρονιάς που μας αφήνει οσονούπω. Τα είδη ποικίλλουν κι αυτό ίσως να ξενίσει μερικές μάπες αλλά στα παπάρια μου. Αυτές ήταν καλώς ή κακώς οι κορυφαίες μουσικές του 2011 για μένα.

20. NECROS CHRISTOS Doom of the Occult
Sepulchral Void Records

19. MITOCHONDRION Parasignosis
Profound Lore

18. VEKTOR Outer Isolation
Heavy Artillery

17. NADER SADEK In the Flesh
Season of Mist

16. LEVIATHAN True Traitor, True Whore
Profound Lore

15. NEGATIVE PLANE Stained Glass Revelations
The Ajna Offensive

14. COLD CAVE Cherish the Light Years

13. AUTOPSY Macabre Eternal

12. VIRUS The Agent That Shapes the Desert

11. RAMESSES Possessed by the Rise of Magik

10. DISMA Towards the Megalith
Profound Lore

09. DANAVA Hemisphere of Shadows

08. ULCERATE The Destroyers of All

07. TOMBS Path of Totality

06. PJ HARVEY Let England Shake

05. HEXVESSEL Dawnbearer

04. GRAVEYARD Hisingen Blues
Nuclear Blast

03. KRALLICE Diotima
Profound Lore

02. PRURIENT Bermuda Drain
Hydra Head

01. PORTRAIT Crimen Laesae Majestatis Divinae
Metal Blade